Helpdesk Report: Barriers to Learning

Examines poor quality student learning and what inputs can create the enabling learning environment to address them



Why are there poor quality student learning outcomes, even though enrolment is high? What is the global research that sheds light on the problem of children who are in school but not learning? Do traditional inputs such as classrooms, textbooks, cascading teacher training and others create the enabling learning environment needed?


Despite increasing numbers of children being enrolled in school, their learning outcomes are often of poor quality. This report looks at the issues and research on poor quality student learning outcomes and what inputs can create the enabling learning environment needed to address this. The report begins with a brief section on the context of the education system in Bangladesh. A key global evidence paper is then presented which provides an overview of many of the issues related to poor learning outcomes in developing countries.


Holley, C.; Featherstone, I. Helpdesk Report: Barriers to Learning. Human Development Resource Centre, UK (2012) 29 pp.

Published 1 January 2012