Helpdesk Report: Barriers to Enrolment in Kenya



Up to 1.5 million children do not go to school in Kenya.  What proportions of these children are expected to be out of school because of the various barriers to enrolment (eg direct or opportunity costs of education, disability, distance to school, etc)?


This report addresses the reasons why children are out of school in Kenya.  It includes sections on:

  • Proportions of children affected by different barriers to education
  • ILO report on access to education in Kenya
  • Surveys
  • Related information
  • Resources on barriers to education

Some proportional statistics on barriers to enrolment were found from differing sources. The ILO report, outlined in section 3, gives proportional data showing reasons for absenteeism, drop-out and non-enrolment for 3 districts in Kenya. Reasons for non-enrolment are:

  • 68.7% lack of funds
  • 7% few admission slots
  • 6.1% father/guardian ignorance
  • 5.2% under age
  • 4.3% distance to school
  • 2.6% mental handicap
  • 2.6% decision of the father


Bolton, L. Helpdesk Report: Barriers to Enrolment in Kenya. Human Development Resource Centre, UK (2011) 10 pp.

Helpdesk Report: Barriers to Enrolment in Kenya

Published 1 January 2011