HEART Topic Guide - Building Capacity in Higher Education (HE)

This guide assesses the evidence on higher education systems, the impact of interventions and barriers to change


Governments and development agencies need to study closely the trajectories of universities and HE systems to formulate the most effective policies for enhancing their potential. As is the case in many areas of education, rigorous research and adequate evidence are not always available; in addition, many of the questions are ultimately of a political and moral nature, involving contested issues of public/private, fairness and conceptions of knowledge. This topic guide presents a roadmap through these questions, assessing the available research and evidence around HE systems and their impact, the effectiveness of interventions and barriers to change. Reconciling the competing demands of equity, quality and funding requires a broad understanding of these questions, and the way they manifest themselves in particular political and cultural contexts.


Power, L.; Millington, K.A.; Bengtsson, S. HEART Topic Guide - Building Capacity in Higher Education. Health and Education Advice and Resource Team (HEART), Oxford, UK (2015) 76 pp.

HEART Topic Guide - Building Capacity in Higher Education

Published 1 January 2015