Health Workers: Building and Motivating the Workforce


Meeting health care policy goals depends on being able to recruit, train, and retain a staff with the necessary skills. Low– and middle–income countries (LMICs) typically face difficulties in persuading doctors and nurses to work in rural areas and in preventing emigration to wealthier countries. It also is common in LMICs for doctors to work in both the public and private sectors (dual practice), sometimes skimping on public health efforts, pilfering supplies, and inducing demand for their private services.


In: Alleyne ,G.; Breman, J.; Claeson, M.; Evans, D.; Jamison, D.; Jha, P.; Measham, A.; Mills ,A.; Musgrove, P. (eds), Disease control priorities in developing countries, second edition, World Bank and OUP, chp 71, pp 1309-1322, ISBN: 0-8213-6179-1, 2006.

Health Workers: Building and Motivating the Workforce

Published 1 January 2006