Health Sector Fiduciary Risk Assessment


This Fiduciary Risk Assessment (FRA) follows the guidance in the DFID How to Note Managing Fiduciary Risk when providing Financial Aid (HTN09). It begins by reviewing the broad historical, governance and institutional context in which the health sector operates. Section 3 comprises an analysis of the performance of the Public Financial Management (PFM) system in the sector, employing selected Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessment approach and sector specific issues. Section 4 draws out from the PFM analysis the main fiduciary risks in the sector. This is followed by an assessment of the credibility of the reform process in the sector. Section 6 attempts to identify the financial impact of the sectoral fiduciary risks. Sections 7 and 8 contain respectively proposed safeguards to mitigate risks and a number of key performance indicators with which to monitor fiduciary risk. The FRA concludes with a bibliography of key documents consulted.


Coffey International Development. Health Sector Fiduciary Risk Assessment. (2010) 47 pp.

Health Sector Fiduciary Risk Assessment

Published 1 January 2010