Health care in Central Asia


This book aims to describe and analyse the health care systems of the countrie of Centra Asia for a wider audience, both within and without the region. It does so for several reasons. First, policymakers within central Asia face enormous challenges in bringing about health sector reform in an environment with extremely adverse macroeconomics and major internal economic and political changes. To assist them in reorganizing their health systems, these policy-makers need better information about their own and other health care systems (as do policy-makers in developed countries). Second, the countries in the region are interested in the experiences of other countries, so that they can learn about what works and why, and which initiatives might transfer successfully across borders. Finally, those working for international organizations need to share more information and analysis on how and why health care systems work in these countries and on the impact of the many changes underway.


McKee, M.; Healy, J.; Falkingham, J. Health care in Central Asia. Open University Press, Buckingham, Philadelphia, USA (2002) 238 pp. ISBN 0 335 20926 2 (pb), 0 335 20927 0 (hb)

Health care in Central Asia

Published 1 January 2002