Guidelines on materials and borrow pit management for low cost roads.


It is the aim of these guidelines is to make available a concise but comprehensive and well illustrated document that:

  • Provides information that will encourage cost effective selection and development of natural resources for low cost road construction.

  • Encourages improved record keeping relating to material resources and their utilisation. In particular, provides guidelines on the establishment of material resource inventories and databases and promotes the benefits that

may result from the use of such a database to improve materials management and design of material supply strategies.

  • Highlights environmental and social issues associated with road material source development. Reviews possible negative impacts and provides guidelines in terms of measures that may be implemented to prevent or reduce adverse effects on local populations and the environment.

  • Provides a document that can be a reference text and can be readily utilised as an aid in training presentations for engineering staff working in countries with large low cost road networks.

This document addresses the basic principles and aspects of borrow pit development, as well as progressing towards appropriate management strategies. As such it is hoped that it will form a useful reference for both field supervisors and highway engineers.


Guidelines on materials and borrow pit management for low cost roads.

Published 1 January 2000