Guidelines for irrigation canal control. Vol 2: The guidelines


The guidelines have been formulated as an aid to improving the operational control of irrigation distribution canals. They are based on the methodology outlined in the manual, and are prepared as a series of tables, presented either as:

Design guidelines

Good practice guidelines when planning or designing new schemes, or when considering the rehabilitation or modification of existing schemes;


Evaluation guidelines

To be used when evaluating the performance of existing schemes, or when considering the possibility of changing the type of operational control of a scheme in order to improve operational performance.

The characteristics of different canal control methods currently in use worldwide and the consequences and impacts of their use are described. A method is presented for selecting the most appropriate method of canal control according to the characteristics of the operating environment using the \"Compatibility Matrix\" developed in this study.

Guidelines relating to the performance evaluation of existing schemes and to the formulation of alternative improvement measures/strategies are presented. Areas where problems are often encountered in relation to canal control are identified and possible solutions identified, analysed, and discussed.


34 pp.

Guidelines for irrigation canal control. Vol 2: The guidelines

Published 1 January 1998