Guess who is coming to dinner? Final report.


The challenge for donors and recipients is to manage the transfer of resources so that it is not one of the principle engines of patronage in recipient societies. The aim of the research covered by this project was to undertake initial exploratory work in three countries, Bangladesh, Bolivia and Burkina Faso. The intention was to design a programme of longer term action research involving groups of staff from donor and recipient organisations. Such groups, through a process of 'co-operative inquiry' and facilitated by a researcher from the country concerned, would explore their own day to day practice and discover the extent to which this could be changed through reflective learning and action. This final report outlines the project's background and objectives, methods, findings and dissemination of results. Six appendices cover: One: Bangladesh report; Appendix Two: Bolivia report; Appendix Three: Methodology; Appendix Four: Literature review: aid and gift theory; Appendix Five: Who owns the gift? Donor-recipient relations and the national elections in Bolivia; and Appendix Six: Managing a multi-country research project from the South.


Eyben, R.; León, R.; Hossain, N.; Cornwall, A.; Dabire, B. Guess who is coming to dinner? Final report. (2003) 9 pp.

Published 1 January 2003