Groundwater Monitoring and its Importance to IWRM Thematic Paper 2.6.2

This paper provides an overview and explanation of groundwater monitoring and makes institutional and monitoring recommendations


Groundwater monitoring is an important and essential component of the dynamic process of management of groundwater resources. In the context of integrated water resources management (IWRM), groundwater monitoring should be seen in the broad sense and not just be a technical issue. Successful monitoring depends equally on non-technical issues such as institutional and administrative strength, staff capacity and appropriate finance. Groundwater monitoring should also be seen in the context of gaining understanding of the groundwater system and its interdependency with the surface system. For this reason it is not restricted to the monitoring of groundwater levels and groundwater quality. It should include all those time-variant parameters that exert an influence on groundwater behaviour.

The Thematic Paper comprises the following sections:

  • introduction
  • explanation of groundwater monitoring
  • data needs for each management level
  • recommendations for monitoring systems
  • institutional recommendations (especially data sharing and dissemination)


WRDMAP. Groundwater Monitoring and its Importance to IWRM [Thematic Paper 2.6.2 ]. WRDMAP, China (2010) 36 pp

Groundwater Monitoring and its Importance to IWRM Thematic Paper 2.6.2

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