Groundwater Management Thematic Paper 2.6.1

This paper provides an introduction to groundwater management and is aimed at water resources management staff


The paper highlights the important components of the groundwater management process and the inter-relationships between those components, both at technical and non-technical levels. Where relevant, reference is made to international and local experience; the latter focuses on the important findings that have resulted from the Water Resources Demand Management Assistance Project (WRDMAP) Case Studies in Gansu Province.

International practice in groundwater management is described and aimed at highlighting the important lessons learned during the progress towards best practice. The current status of groundwater management in China is summarised and options for possible strengthening of the management process are presented.


WRDMAP. Groundwater Management [Thematic Paper 2.6.1 ]. WRDMAP, China (2010) 56 pp

Groundwater Management Thematic Paper 2.6.1

Published 1 May 2010