Groundwater Management Action Plan. Stage 2. Situation Analysis. Checklists and Questionnaire


The main document provides checklists for Stage 2 of a Groundwater Management Action Plan for a city that utilises aquifers below or close to the city (in the periurban fringe). The checklists are ordered in the typical sequence of an Action Plan work programme: data collection and analysis, vulnerability and contaminant load assessments. References to reports with more information on the techniques described, or with worked examples, are included at the end of each checklist sub-section.

Also appended is a Questionnaire that seeks to collect data on a core set of urban groundwater data which can be used in:

  • (a) The formulation of a comprehensive groundwater status profile of city; and
  • (b) The development of a database useful for developing groundwater management strategies and policies and, to this end, running the Decision Support System Tool.

The Questionnaire is split into six sections. The first section (A) deals with baseline information considered important in any urban environment data gathering/profiling exercise, including urban demographics and economic activities. The remaining five sections (B-F) deal with groundwater conditions, use, contaminant loads, management/institutional arrangements and degradation impacts, respectively. Each section contains a help sheet with guidance on completing the forms. Guidance is provided on items such as potential data sources, computations and units.The Questionnaire is intended to be filled out by a study team, or mailed out in sections for completion by appropriate personnel. Also appended is a separate worked example of the urban groundwater questionnaire for Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan based on 1998 data.


British Geological Survey. Groundwater Management Action Plan. Stage 2. Situation Analysis. Checklists and Questionnaire. (2003)

Published 1 January 2003