Groundwater Flow Modelling Thematic Paper 1.1

This paper provides an overview of groundwater models and how they can benefit groundwater management.


This paper describes how groundwater models can be beneficial to groundwater management, and provides a technical framework for an effective groundwater modelling process. It also addresses some of the non-technical issues involved in groundwater management, such as ensuring effective use of model results amongst different stakeholders. Finally, a summary of recommendations for groundwater modelling is given.

The paper is targeted at senior water resources specialists who require better appreciation of the power of groundwater models. It is also of benefit to groundwater modellers in obtaining a better appreciation of the broader aspects of groundwater models.


WRDMAP. Groundwater Flow Modelling [Thematic Paper 1.1]. WRDMAP, China (2010) 36 pp

Groundwater Flow Modelling Thematic Paper 1.1

Published 1 May 2010