Graduation – A CLP Learning Note


Research during October 2012 into the newly-created graduation criteria [criteria for not needing further CLP support] showed that only around 60% of households were graduating, i.e. meeting six or more of the ten graduation indicators. The study found that both the DFID policy governing installation of improved water sources and the CLP internal policy was mismatched with the graduation criteria. The policy required improved water points to be installed wherever five or more households could access it, using a ‘whole-community benefit’ approach. Graduation criteria, however, focused solely on core households, who often could not access a tubewell that met CLP standards. As a result, graduation rates were reduced by nearly a fifth. Changes to the water installation policy were made to ensure that core participants received improved water supplies. Other indicators that were not met by large numbers of households were also reviewed. A new sanitary latrine design is being piloted to potentially increase the number of households that maintain a sanitary latrine. Additional review will be undertaken of the savings criteria.


Pritchard, M.; Marks, M. Graduation – A CLP Learning Note. (2013) 5 pp.

Graduation – A CLP Learning Note

Published 1 January 2013