Governance and Conflict Indicators Report


In October 2010, ITAD was commissioned by the DFID Politics and the State Team to assess the quality of a suggested list of governance and conflict indicators as part of a wider contract to support elements of the Results Action Plan. The indicators have been tested using a set of normative criteria that collectively aims to ensure the types of measurements included in the list and the corresponding data sources are fit for intended purpose. Attention has given to interrogating the traction of indicators with existing programme results chains and underlying theories of change, including in contexts of fragility and conflict, such as Nigeria and Afghanistan.

The report consists of three sections. The first section explains the research methodology, paying particular attention to framing a proposition to inform assessment criteria selection and a consistent scoring and transparent scoring system to test indicators for relevance and robustness. Findings are discussed in section two; empirical evidence is used to substantiate a number of observations concerning the relative strengths and weaknesses of the indicators, collectively and individually, including the identification of core indicators for each suite. Some concluding remarks are made in the final section leading into a number of recommendations for areas where additional work is needed. A revised list of suggested indicators is annexed to the report (Annex 3).


ITAD Ltd. 70 pp.

Governance and Conflict Indicators Report

Published 1 January 2011