Globalisation, qualifications and livelihoods: an annotated bibliography


This annotated bibliography was compiled for the DfID funded project Globalisation, Qualifications and Livelihoods: aspirations of youth. This project has three objectives. The first objective is to examine the impact of globalisation on livelihoods, education and qualification structures; secondly to examine the aspirations of youth for livelihoods, education and qualifications in the context of economic globalisation. A third objective is to explore the implications of the outcomes of the first two objectives for pro-poor national and international policies on education, qualifications and livelihoods. These objectives are addressed by empirical field research, but this is supported by a literature search into writing that informs the objectives and related research questions. The resulting database covers literature which meets each of the themes and objectives of the research.

The literature can be sorted into the following headings: first, literature which covers the theory of globalisation in its broadest sense; second, literature which examines the perceived effects of economic globalisation on livelihood structures around the world; third, literature dealing with the impact of globalisation on educational structures; fourth, a small literature examining the effect of globalisation on qualifications, and fifth, a literature (especially from Sri Lanka) which looks at the impact of globalisation on youth in society.


Institute of Education, University of London, UK. 85 pp.

Globalisation, qualifications and livelihoods: an annotated bibliography

Published 1 January 2005