Globalisation, Education and Development: Ideas, Actors and Dynamics. Researching the issues 68


This is the first of two complementary books in the Researching the Issues series. The second is entitled Education and Development in a Global Era: Strategies for 'Successful Globalisation'. Together these two books provide a comprehensive review of issues related to globalisation, education and development.

In this volume the relationship between globalisation, education and development is examined based upon a review of policies and programmes developed at a supranational level (global and regional) that have implications for countries in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. The literature on current policies intended to alleviate deepening poverty and inequality of access to infrastructures and public services is also reviewed. The focus is particularly on sub-Saharan Africa, where these trends are most acute, and where there have been renewed calls for development policies that address the challenges of globalisation that are currently shaping Africa.

This volume is made up of three parts: In Part I, educational policy and internal debates on education (education politics) are located within a broader historical and international political economy framework. Specifically, education is explored as a sector embedded within a complex system of local, national, regional and global actors, institutions and practices (politics of education). In Part II, a series of broad themes that relate multi-lateral and bi-lateral educational policy initiatives in low-income countries are examined in order to understand whether and how processes of globalisation, particularly though not exclusively economic, have altered the terrain upon which education policies and programmes are now constructed. In Part III, a series of conclusions that arise from the first two parts of the book are drawn.


Educational Paper No. 68, DFID, London, UK, ISBN 1 86192 870 X, 264 pp.

Globalisation, Education and Development: Ideas, Actors and Dynamics. Researching the issues 68

Published 1 January 2007