Global policy dissemination workshop


Targeted dissemination of research results and policy recommendations is at the core of the UTP project, and involves a range of activities at local, national, and international levels. The UTP project culminated with a one-day high profile Global Policy Meeting, held in Geneva - the European seat of the UN - in order to target global agencies and NGOs based there that are engaged with programmes on urban violence issues. Delegates included representatives of the UN, WHO, the Small Arms Survey, Interpeace, the Swiss DFAE, as well as international IOs and NGOs such DFID, the AFB, IDRC, UNICEF, OXFAM, for example. The purpose of this meeting was to present the UTP research evidence that challenges the conventional wisdom that informs current policy initiatives, and to dialogue about the implications for different policies and programmatic interventions, based on a global policy report. The event was coordinated by, and held at the, UTP project’s Swiss partner, the Centre on Conflict, Development, and Peacebuilding (CCDP) at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. Caroline Moser and Dennis Rodgers presented a general overview of the project and a synopsis of the global policy report to invited delegates. A draft version of the Global Policy Report was circulated and discussed amongst delegates. The city case studies, including key findings and policy recommendations were presented by the research partners: Dili by Jovana Carapic and Oliver Jütersonke. Nairobi by Alfred Omenya and Grace Lubaale. Patna by Shivani Satija, Dennis Rodgers and Alakh Sharma. Santiago by Alfredo Rodríguez and Marisol Saborido.


Partridge, L.; Reimann, S. Global policy dissemination workshop. (2012)

Published 1 January 2012