Global experience with PRSP implementation.


The purpose of this report is to identify a set of findings and lessons learned from global experience with implementation of the PRSP process. The Synthesis Report will bring together the global experience identified in this document with the specific needs and issues related to the Newly Independent States (NIS).

This report uses the basic analytical framework set out in the study terms of reference. The ToR defines two sets of factors: Challenges and issues within a number of domains. Within this report, these challenges are examined in the sense of being good features of the PRSP. The challenges are therefore to achieve these good features of the PRSP. A valid question is whether these features are sufficient to ensure implementation of the PRSP or if there are other features or issues that would also need to be addressed. The report attempts to identify these other features or issues.

This particular document begins with an overview, then chapters including: PRSP implementation, key issues affecting implementation of the PRSP, implications/relevance for NIS, and annexes follow.


Global experience with PRSP implementation, EC-PREP, 47 pp.

Global experience with PRSP implementation.

Published 1 January 2004