Global drug development pipeline for Chagas disease.


After outlining the need for improved treatments for Chagas' disease, this presentation describes what is doing to address the situation by researching better formulations of existing treatments (paediatric benznidazole) in the short term, therapeutic switching and combination therapy (azoles) in the medium term, and new drugs and improved research and treatment capacity in the long term. Slides from the presentation on 'Drug production and technology transfer in Brazil', which was intended to be presented by Davi Santana of LAFEPE but in fact presented in his absence by Isabela Ribeiro of DNDi, are also included.


Ribeiro, I.; Santana, D. Global drug development pipeline for Chagas disease. Presented at Chagas Disease in the Americas: Improving Access and Tools for Patient Diagnosis and Treatment, Los Angeles, California, USA, 2 October 2009. (2009)

Published 1 January 2009