Gliricidia sepium. Genetic resources for farmers


This Tropical Forestry Paper aims to provide a synopsis of the current state of knowledge with regard to G. sepium, summarizing research findings and attempting also to synthesize these into practical recommendations for practitioners. Each chapter addresses a different subject area; some of these are necessarily of more immediate practical applicability than others which explore more fundamental scientific issues. Throughout the book there is an emphasis on G. sepium as a genetic resource; this theme is central to several of the chapters, and the same perspective also runs through chapters primarily concerned with other issues, such as utilization, propagation and husbandry. The widespread cultivation of G. sepium from the earliest times has had profound effects on present-day patterns of genetic variation. All existing populations have been disturbed to some extent by human activity, and there is a strong possibility that in many introduced populations genetic diversity may not be sufficient to ensure long-term stability.


Tropical Forestry Papers no. 33. 125pp. University of Oxford. UK. ISBN:0-85074-139-4. ISSN:0141-9668.

Gliricidia sepium. Genetic resources for farmers

Published 1 January 1996