Geographic information systems for participation


An open arrangement between experts and citizens, using knowledge from both groups, lies at the heart of a methodology called geographic information systems for participation (GIS-P). The method was first used in South Africa to captuer and analyse local understanding of natural resource use, and was then transferred to the UK. GIS-P indicates how citizen participation in modelling future environments can contribute to the responsible governance of the environment as well as the creation of a better-informed and involved citizenry.

Owing to copyright restrictions, only the first 3 pages are attached, together with a link to the book at Zed Books.


Forrester, J.; Cinderby, S. Geographic information systems for participation. In: Science and Citizens: Globalization and the challenge of Engagement. M. Leach, I. Scoones & B. Wynne (eds). Zed Books, London, UK (2005) ISBN 9781842775516 (paperback)

Published 1 January 2005