Genetic Diversity and Association Analysis for Salinity Tolerance, Heading Date and Plant Height of Barley Germplasm Using Simple Sequence Repeat Markers.


The objective of this study was to investigate the genetic diversity of barley accessions. Additionally, association trait analysis was conducted for grain yield under salinity, heading date and plant height. For this purpose, 48 barley genotypes were analyzed with 22 microsatellite simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Four of the 22 markers (Bmac316, scssr03907, HVM67 and Bmag770) were able to differentiate all barley genotypes. Cluster and principal coordinate analysis allowed a clear grouping between countries from the same region. The genotypes used in this study have been evaluated for agronomic performance in different environments. Conducting association analysis for grain yield under salinity conditions using TASSEL software revealed a close association of the marker Bmag749 (2H, bin 13) in two different environments with common significant alleles (175, 177), whereas the HVHOTR1 marker (2H, bin 3) was only significant in Sakhar_Egypt with alleles size being 158 and 161. Heading date also showed an association with scssr03907 through the common significant specific allele 111 and EBmac0415 markers in three different agro climatic locations, whereas HVCMA, scssr00103 and HVM67 were linked to heading date in the Egyptian environment only. The plant height association analysis revealed significant markers Bmag770 via the significant allele 152 and scssr09398.


Journal of Integrative Plant Biology (2008) 50 (8) 1004-1014 [doi: 10.1111/j.1744-7909.2008.00670.x]

Published 1 January 2008