GDNet Baseline and M&E Framework

GDNet Baseline and monitoring and evaluation framework


The GDNet Baseline and M & E Framework Report establishes GDNet’s baseline and details the approach GDNet will follow in order to meet its monitoring and evaluation (M&E) requirements as set out in the GDNet logframe 2010-2014. The document is structured according to the GDNet logframe, it looks into the Baseline summary, M&E tools and methods designed to generate the data for each baseline figure, Data management plan the ownership, frequency, and source of on-going M&E activities with GDNet, and specific Tools and Templates to generate and/or store GDNet’s baselines and on-going M&E data, Data collection activities which generated significant volumes of data.


Gregorowski, R.; ITAD. GDNet Baseline and M&E Framework. Global Development Network (GDNet), New Delhi, India (2011) 24 pp.

GDNet Baseline and M&E Framework

Published 1 January 2011