Future proofing Indian cities: Final urban diagnostic for Madurai


Madurai is facing a wide range of risks to its future growth and prosperity from issues such as water scarcity, climate change, damage to important natural habitats, and growing traffic congestion associated with private vehicle use. Unchecked, these issues could place a significant break on future economic growth and improvements on the quality of life of its residents. However, Madurai has an opportunity to address these issues as part of its growth aspirations by looking at actions it can take now to future proof its development.

The range of issues of particular importance include increasing demand for water resources, poor water distribution infrastructure, and contamination of existing supplies when combined could constrain the capability of Madurai to grow and prosper in the future as the needs of the city and wider region grow.

This document has been prepared for an audience of government, private sector and civil society stakeholders. The process of the preparation of this document proved useful in provoking discussion and debate among the wide range of stakeholders and in helping to determine the priority areas for action around which City Action Plans (CAPs) can be developed in partnership with and driven forward by key stakeholders. This document provides a synthesis of the key issues and priorities which have emerged from this dialogue, as well as information and issues highlighted within plans and strategies which have been developed for the city.

The document is also helping Madurai to make its case externally. Summaries and presentations of the document have reached a broad audience in the city through channels including the Madurai Symposium, local media and online forums which have built momentum beyond activities originating from the project.


Anon. Future proofing Indian cities: Final urban diagnostic for Madurai. (2014) 49 pp.

Future proofing Indian cities: Final urban diagnostic for Madurai

Published 1 January 2014