From trial intervention to scale-up: costs of an adolescent sexual health program in Mwanza, Tanzania.


Objective: To estimate annual costs of a multifaceted adolescent sexual health intervention in Mwanza, Tanzania, by input (capital and recurrent), component (in-school, community activities, youth-friendly health services, condom distribution), and phase (development, startup, trial implementation, scale-up). Study Design: Financial and economic providers' costs and intervention outputs were collected to estimate annual total and unit costs (1999-2001). The incremental financial budget projects funding requirements for scale-up within an integrated model. Results: The 3-year economic costs of trial implementation were $879,032, of which ~70% were for the school-based component. Costs of initial development and startup were relatively substantial (~21% of total costs); however, annual costs per school child dropped from $16 in 1999 to $10 in 2001. The incremental scale-up cost is ~1/5 of ward trial implementation running costs. Conclusions: Annual costs can reduce by almost 40% as project implementation matures. When scaled up, only an additional $1.54 is needed per pupil per year to continue the intervention.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases (2006) 33 (10, supplement) pp. S133-S139 [DOI:10.1097/01.olq.0000200606.98181.42].

Published 1 January 2006