Food chemical properties of low-phytate rice cultivar, Sang-gol.


Phytic acid inhibits mineral absorption in the intestines of monogastric animals, inhibition which can contribute to public health problems in human populations. This research compared the nutritional properties of parent rice cultivar Il-pum with those of an Il-pum-derived, mutant low-phytate rice cultivar, Sang-gol. No significant differences were shown in moisture, fat, carbohydrate and mineral content between Il-pum and Sang-gol. In the composition of protein and fatty acid, there were also no differences between the two cultivars. In the nutritional aspects, though Sang-gol had a 50% lower phytate content than Il-pum, the total phosphorus contents in the two cultivars were shown to be similar. These results indicated that Sang-gol had similar nutritional properties to those of the parent cultivar Il-pum, with the added benefit of lower phytate content.


Journal of Cereal Science (2008) 47 (2) 262-265 [doi: 10.1016/j.jcs.2007.04.012]

Food chemical properties of low-phytate rice cultivar, Sang-gol.

Published 1 January 2008