Focus on: Water. East Kolkata wetlands.


Rainwater run-off and water discarded after being used for a wide range of human activities; every city of the world must find a way of dealing with its wastewater. But is this water a useful resource or a public health hazard? Should it be treated in conventional and costly treatment plants or are there ecological wastewater treatment schemes that recycle the water effectively and productively without hazard to those who are using it or who may ultimately consume what it has produced? One of the largest systems in the world for making use of this source of \"natural\" city water is on the eastern edge of Kolkata (Calcutta), India. Here research is attempting to show municipal authorities, NGOs, development agencies, farmers, fishers and others directly or indirectly connected with the Wetlands, just how valuable these city waters are and what could be done to improve their use. The lessons learned here could be of interest to city authorities elsewhere.


New Agriculturist. Focus on: Water. East Kolkata wetlands. New Agriculturalist (2002) 4.

Focus on: Water. East Kolkata wetlands.

Published 1 January 2002