Focus On Children: Breaking the Cycle. Young Lives international conference: 25 to 27 March 2009


The Young Lives international conference gathered together 150 participants from over 25 countries for 3 days of vibrant discussion and debate on the causes and consequences of childhood poverty, food for thought and new insights. The conference explored the importance of a longitudinal perspective for highlighting how the many dimensions of childhood poverty interact, showing how children and families on the margins move in and out of poverty.

Themes included:

(1) Dimensions and dynamics of childhood poverty
(2) Breaking the cycle of poverty
(3) Innovations in methodology for research and policy influence.

The meeting report summarises the presentations and discussions at the conference. Selected profiles of Young Lives children and pictures from the project photos exhibition can be viewed on-line at The Guardian: a link is attached together with the document links.


6 pp. (programme) + 16 pp. (report)

Published 1 January 2009