Fisheries: what's not measured can't be managed. Validated RNRRS Output.


This is one of 280 summaries describing key outputs from the projects run by DFID's 10-year Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy (RNRRS) programmes.

Associated with Projects including R8468, R8360, R7041, R5050CB and R4517. Basic tools to collect and record information on fisheries, designed specifically for developing countries, can now be downloaded from the internet. Previously, assessing fisheries was expensive, time-consuming and needed to be done by experts. This left 70% of the world's fisheries badly managed and seriously threatened. Now, using these tools and with a little training, fisheries managers can work out what is happening in a fishery. Using this information, they can then develop plans that take into account not only the physical resources, but the social, economic and environmental aspects as well. Fisheries managers, fishers and community groups in the Seychelles, Indian Ocean, Kenya, Vietnam, India and the Caribbean have already proven these tools' value. FAO is championing their use in the Atlantic and hundreds of copies of the software have been downloaded all over the world.

The CD has the following information for this output: Description, Validation, Current Situation, Current Promotion, Impacts On Poverty, Environmental Impact. Attached PDF (19 pp.) taken from the CD.


FMSP05, New technologies, new processes, new policies: tried-and-tested and ready-to-use results from DFID-funded research, Research Into Use Programme, Aylesford, Kent, UK, ISBN 978-0-9552595-6-2, p 132.

Published 1 January 2007