Fisheries Dynamics of Modified Floodplains in Southern Asia - Survey Methodologies.


This project document outlines the survey methodologies to be used in the FMSP project R5953: 'Fisheries Dynamics of Modified Floodplains in Southern Asia'. This project will involve fieldwork at sites in three different countries, with, as far as possible, similar data being collected at each site, to enable comparative analyses to be made. Five main types of data will be collected under the following surveys: Catch & Effort (CE) survey; Length Frequency (LF) survey; Mark & Recapture (MR) survey; Biological (B) survey; and Hydrological (H) survey. For each of these five surveys, this document provides a 'project methodology' outlining the following details: parameters to be estimated; survey objectives (the purpose of the parameters); planning approaches (sampling locations, randomisation, biases….); routine sampling methodologies (sample selection, timing….); summary of fieldwork activities. These five surveys will generate the central project database for the analysis of the fisheries dynamics of the three sites, as affected by fishing activities, fish population dynamics, migration patterns and hydrological factors. It is Appendix A in the final technical report 'Fisheries Dynamics of Modified Floodplains in Southern Asia'.


Marine Resources Assessment Group Ltd, Fisheries Management Science Programme, London, UK, 40 pp.

Published 1 January 1994