Fish Farming in the Lake Basin, Kenya.


The study compares aquaculture development in Luapula Province, Zambia, with that in Lake Basin area, Kenya. It considers the activities of the FAO/UNDP/BSF-supported project Development of Small Scale Fish Farming in the Lake Basin Area, Kenya\". The Luapula study resulted in a series of conclusions which form the focus of the report. These findings relate to the institutional context in which fish farming takes place, the motivations of fish farmers, the constraints to long term viability, and the effects of adoption. The study considers the Kenyan project from two perspectives: policy issues relating to the design of the project and the formulation of the project document, and issues of implementation, under the direct influence of the project.


Fish Farming in the Lake Basin, Kenya. Unpublished report. University of Sussex, UK, 41 pp.

Fish Farming in the Lake Basin, Kenya.

Published 1 January 1993