Financing neglected disease R&D: principles and options.


This document, based on an analysis by Paul Wilson of Columbia University, is an evaluation of existing and proposed incentives and funding mechanisms for research and development on neglected diseases. It focuses substantially but not exclusively on mechanisms that would strengthen the product development partnership (PDP) model that DNDi uses, either by directly funding PDPs, by filling gaps in the R&D spectrum that PDPs are not well suited to fill, or by creating stronger incentives for private and public sector firms to collaborate with PDPs. It focuses on mechanisms that might support the development of new treatments for the “most neglected” diseases that are DNDi's primary focus, but many of the main conclusions apply to other diseases and product types. Different funding sources are discussed. The criteria used to assess R&D financing mechanisms are also described.


6 pp.

Financing neglected disease R&D: principles and options.

Published 1 January 2010