Final Technical Report: Meteorological Data Distribution Systems


This adaptive research project began in 1992. During the first two years of the four year project. it concentrated on delivering easy-to-use systems to facilitate the reception, processing and dissemination of weather satellite and other data by African meteorological services. The project concentrated on forming and maintaining fruitful links with the UK Met. Office and World Meteorological Organization which have provided a solid base for more recent joint activities. The NRI now has a solid working partnership with the UKMO through adaptive research and commercial activities. The project has part funded the development and deployment of NRI Media systems which are designed to provide met. services with local facilities to deliver weather and environmental information via the Media. During the last year the project has funded development of training materials (especially video work books) jointly with other ODA sources. These materials are now available to African met. services and will allow them further to improve their information dissemination, especially to farming communities and the public. Other activities included partfunding of adaptive research towards utilising satellite data to improve rainfall estimation and catchment monitoring. Overall the project contributed to ODA's development goals by addressing and overcoming constraints to data use and information dissemination. towards improved management of renewable natural resources in Africa.


Final Technical Report of Project R5156: Meteorological Data Distribution Systems. 4 pp.

Final Technical Report: Meteorological Data Distribution Systems

Published 1 January 1996