Final Technical Report.


An approach to developing a rapid and accessible overview of freshwater fish seed supply systems was developed with partners in four parts of Asia. ‘State of the System’ reporting, in which primary and secondary data was collected and processed, allowed an holistic overview of current status and trends that could be cross-checked with, and by stakeholders, provided early insights into major researchable and actionable issues in a rapid and participatory way. Perceptions of the availability of quality fry were variable at the sites and among the different stakeholders involved. Most stakeholders were relatively new entrants to seed supply networks but their perceptions were often related to their level of experience, and among food fish farmers their market or subsistence orientation. A widespread perception that inbreeding was a major cause of deterioration was rejected after consideration of broodfish management practices. Strong seasonality of seed supply and demand had clear impacts on quality.


Institue of Aquaculture, University of Sterling, Scotland, UK, Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, World Fish Centre, Bangladesh, 94 pp

Final Technical Report.

Published 1 January 2004