Final report: evaluation of WASH capacity building interventions in Ethiopia

This evaluation examines capacity building interventions of two Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects


This is an independent evaluation of the capacity building interventions under the International Development Association (IDA)/DFID supported Water Supply and Sanitation Project (WSSP) and the WASH Capacity Building Project supported by DFID, the Government of Finland (GoF) and the Italian Development Corporation (ICD). The WSSP is being implemented from 2004-2013 and the Capacity Building Project from 2008-2013. The evaluation aims to provide an overarching assessment of capacity building interventions under the two projects, and to the extent possible, other major WASH capacity building initiatives, assessing lessons learned from both successful and less successful capacity building elements. It is the intention that the evaluation is to provide an input to the development of future capacity building approaches of the One WASH National Programme.

The evaluation included collection and review of existing documents and data, semi-structured interviews and meetings at federal level and in Amhara, Somali and Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR). In the 3 regions, there have been interviews and meetings at regional level, in 4 zones, 8 woredas, and 6 towns and at kebele and community levels. The woredas and towns were purposively selected to include woredas and towns supported by the IDA/DFID, other donors and the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) respectively.

The report comprises the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Methodology and Limitations
3. WASH Sector Context
4. Evaluation of Capacity Building Elements of the WSSP
5. Evaluation of DFID/GoF/IDC Capacity Building Project
6. Comparison with other Capacity Building Initiatives
7. Conclusions and Lessons Learnt
8. Recommendations and Going Forward


Stolz, H.; Getachew Abdi; Yemarshet Yemane. Final report: evaluation of WASH capacity building interventions in Ethiopia. Evidence on Demand, UK (2013) 133 pp. [DOI:]

Final report: evaluation of WASH capacity building interventions in Ethiopia

Published 1 January 2013