Final Country Report on Community-based Worker Systems in Lesotho


The four-country project started in January 2004 and ended in September 2007. The intended outputs were: Good practice in CBW systems documented and shared; Common framework developed with good practice; Pilots designed and implemented; Results of the pilots mainstreamed; and policy implications disseminated widely and debated in southern Africa and east Africa. The process in Lesotho did not match that of the other three partner countries. The process has been slower partly because the project was only launched in June 2004, and partly because it attracted attention at national level and became a national process with a significant national symposium involving 450 participants in December 2006. A community animal health worker project also commenced in October 2006 and there are discussions underway to extend this programme nationally which is a considerable achievement and commitment by the government of Lesotho. This report summarises the development and results of the CBW project in Lesotho over the past three years and highlights some of the key learnings of the project.


DFID, UK, x + 30 pp.

Final Country Report on Community-based Worker Systems in Lesotho

Published 1 January 2007