Final Country Report for Zambia.


This report is the final report of the Zambia team in relation to the Knowledge and Research (KaR) Project No. R8335 'small scale private sector participation in the rural water supply sector'. The report presents peer reviewed guidelines for enhancing the participation of the small scale private sector in the provision of rural water supply services in Zambia.

After an introductory section, Section 2 deals with the methodology that was employed in the development of the guidelines. It contains brief descriptions of the project process and activities that were carried out from phase 1 to phase 3 of the project. This section highlights the steps that were taken in each of the three phases of the project leading up to the development of the guidelines in phase three. Section 2 also presents an implementation chart, which shows the different activities and milestone undertaken including the time schedules when these activities were carried out.

Further sections deal with guidelines developed, lessons learned, the dissemination and uptake strategy, and opportunities, prospects and scope for action regarding the involvement of the private sector. The final section presents conclusions regarding the expected changes that may be brought about by the implementing the guidelines.


Department for Infrastructure and Support Services (DISS); WaterAid Zambia. Final Country Report for Zambia. (2005) 72 pp.

Final Country Report for Zambia.

Published 1 January 2005