Fighting corruption in education in fragile states



Please share any lessons (successes and/or challenges) from efforts to combat corruption in the education sector in fragile or conflict affected states, paying particular regard to Afghanistan and Pakistan.


There is still relatively little evidence of what comprises good practice on how to fight corruption in fragile states, including as it relates to the education sector. Recommendations typically include the establishment of transparent regulations and procedures, reforms of the procurement and public finance management system, transparent teacher management systems, the introduction of codes of conduct for educational staff, robust information systems in the area of teacher registration and management, examination and access to university. Social accountability initiatives also have potential and may be the most viable option in some challenging environments.


Chene, M. Fighting corruption in education in fragile states. U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, CMI, Bergen, Norway (2012) 9 pp. [U4 Expert Answer 341]

Fighting corruption in education in fragile states

Published 1 January 2012