Field Trials of the Prototype Pounder Rig


A prototype low-cost drilling rig was imported to Uganda in August 1999 and handed over to Mpigi District Government. Field trials of this machine were undertaken between 20th August and 13th November 1999. A total of fourteen holes were drilled in a range of geological formations, and six of these were equipped with U3 handpumps installed by the direct install method (screen directly attached below pump cylinder, with rising main doubling as well casing). Of these six, one gave inadequate yield, while the other five were put into use as community water supply wells. The trial of the prototype Pounder Rig offered much opportunity to learn about its capability, the practicalities of well construction by the direct install procedure, and the acceptability of the technology to the Ugandan crew.


Cranfield University, UK, 43 pp., ISBN 1861940 556

Field Trials of the Prototype Pounder Rig

Published 1 January 1999