Field measurement of soil suction.


This paper describes a field probe for determination of the in situ suction which is based on the filter paper technique of total suction measurement. The main components of the probe and the installation procedure are described. The values of total suction determined using the probe are dependent on the ground temperature conditions and the length of time that the filter paper sensor is exposed to the soil. The results of a calibration experiment which takes into account the effect of temperature and equilibration time on the filter paper moisture content for the configuration of the probe are given. An example of the field results from Kenya are shown,

where the probe was used on an experimental road constructed on expansive soils.

A summary is provided in French.


First International Conference on Unsaturated Soils, UNSAT ‘95, Paris, 6 - 8 September. TRL - Crowthorne, UK. pp. 9

Field measurement of soil suction.

Published 1 January 1995