Faidherbia albida monograph and annotated bibliography


This is the third of four major monographs and annotated bibliographies on African acacia species that are of major importance for human survival and development in many countries of the African continent. As for many other tropical tree species, considerable information has been obtained by professional agronomists, foresters and scientists about the biology, management and uses of the acacias; this has been published in a wide range of books and journals that are not easily available to rural populations, and often not to other scientists and managers. This series of monographs therefore aims to review and bring together all such information in a form that can be easily disseminated and widely understood by the scientist, manager and policy-maker.


Tropical Forestry Papers no. 41. 267pp. Oxford Forestry Institute (OFI). Oxford, UK. ISBN:0 85704 156 4. ISSN:0141-9668.

Faidherbia albida monograph and annotated bibliography

Published 1 January 2003