External Shocks and Adjustments in Smallholder Livestock Production


This presentation was part of the event entitled \"The Future of Poultry Farmers in Viet Nam after HPAI\", held in Hanoi, Viet Nam, 8-9 March 2007. The presentation explains how livestock play a complex role in the rural economy and how poultry in particular can be important to poverty reduction in Viet Nam. Changes to market access for small farmers are essential to the promotion of rural livelihoods; a multi-level approach, from infrastructure and governance, down to extension services and quality certification may be desirable.

For further information, see PPLPI working papers 21 and 24 entitled \"The Contribution of Livestock to Household Income in Vietnam: A Household Typology Based Analysis\" and \"Geographical Dimensions of Livestock Holdings in Vietnam: Spatial Relationships among Poverty, Infrastructure and the Environment\".

Also appended are two maps displaying data from the 2002 Vietnam Household Living Standard Survey (VHLSS). \"Regional characteristics of poultry keeping households\" shows how poultry production was subdivided by FAO into four broad categories by weight of annual poultry production; the vast majority of households fall into the lowest production category (1-50 kg p.a.). \"Contribution of poultry production sectors to total production\" using these sectors shows further detail of total and per capita poultry production in the regions.


PPLPI, FAO, Rome, Italy, 25 pp.

Published 1 January 2007