External Review of Challenge Programme on Water and Food.


From April – June 2007, CPWF underwent an external review, commissioned by the Science Council of the CGIAR. The review was conducted by Professor Asit K. Biswas, Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico (Chair), Dr. Markus Palenburg, Global Public Policy Institute, Germany (Governance and Management), and Professor Jeff Bennett, Australian National University, Australia (Environment).

Through personal interactions with CPWF participants, field visits, and an online survey, the panel focused its review on wide-ranging aspects of the operation and management of CPWF, including its:

  • past and current activities;
  • future plans;
  • potential outputs and impacts of the projects and how these can be evaluated;
  • governance structure and its appropriateness;
  • opportunities and constraints of the Program;
  • scientific content of the Program, and implementation of the project results to achieve its goals; and
  • synthesis and dissemination of its results.

The recommendations of the external review were endorsed by the CGIAR Science Council and Executive Committee at its Annual General Meeting in Beijing, China, December 2007 and lead, in part, to the approval of a second phase for CPWF. The overall view of the panel was that \"The Review Panel believes that the results witnessed thus far, and expected over the short- to medium-terms, justify the establishment of the CPWF.\"

Also attached to this output record are:-

  • Science Council of the CGIAR Commentary on the First External Review of the Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF)
  • Response of the CPWF to the Panel Report
  • CPWF Stakeholder Survey Report


Published 1 January 2007