Examples of donor agencies’ online reporting mechanisms



Can you provide examples of donor agencies that have online whistleblowing systems for reporting corruption in development cooperation? What resources are needed to establish and maintain the system and follow up on the tips received? What are the criteria for submitting a tip? Are anonymous tips accepted? What information is needed? What information about the cases is published online?


Many donors have established complaints mechanisms in recent years to allow for the reporting of wrongdoings in development cooperation. Such mechanisms typically offer several options for reporting corruption, including online reporting. In general, the technical option chosen for reporting matters less than the safety, independence and protection offered to whistleblowers. It is also important to communicate and provide whistleblowers with some guarantee that the report will be acted upon, to build trust in the credibility of the reporting system.


Chêne, M. Examples of donor agencies’ online reporting mechanisms. U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, CMI, Bergen, Norway (2013) 8 pp. [U4 Expert Answer 397]

Examples of donor agencies’ online reporting mechanisms

Published 1 January 2013