Evaluation of Resettlement Compensation Payments


Resettlement occurs when a transport project displaces people whose homes and workplaces are on land taken up by the project. Resettlement can cause severe hardship and impoverishment if the individuals resettled are vulnerable and the effects upon them are not properly mitigated. This Note asks how money compensation payments for resettlement should be evaluated. Section 2 begins by asking what costs the payments are intended to compensate for, and on what basis the value of compensation should be estimated. Section 3 continues to consider how institutional arrangements affect the way compensation payments are designed and channelled in practice. In Section 4 turns to the benefits of resettlement compensation and in Section 5 brings these strands together to consider how compensation payments should be evaluated within the economic evaluation of World Bank transport projects.


Mackie, P.; Nellthorp, J.; Laird, J. Evaluation of Resettlement Compensation Payments. (2005) 10 pp.

Evaluation of Resettlement Compensation Payments

Published 1 January 2005