Equity, Irrigation and Poverty. Guidelines for Sustainable Water Management. Summary Report.


The project was conducted in India (Andhra Pradesh), the Kyrgyz Republic and Nepal, with supporting information collected from China. Its aim was to identify methods for improving water distribution, to test these techniques on two projects, and then to draw up guidelines for wider application.

This summary report describes the objectives of the study, the role and performance of Water users' Associations (WUAs), the development history of WUAs and its consequences, existing systems and performance of water distribution, livelihoods and water management, progress achieved on case studies: diagnosis and improvement, how to improve water management: the approach developed in this study, and presents the conclusions of the study.


Equity, Irrigation andPoverty. Guidelines for Sustainable Water Management. Summary Report, Mott MacDonald, Cambridge, UK, 18 pp. [in English and Russian]

Published 1 January 2006