EPA Review Annex Documents


This annex contains the different inputs that have been used for elaborating the main report. It contains three sections. The first section includes two surveys that have been based on the existing literature. The first survey is a description of the negotiating process and the main constraints encountered during the process. The second survey summarises the empirical evidence regarding the impact of the Economic Partnerships Agreements (EPAs). The second section contains three different country case studies (for Ethiopia, Nigeria and Dominican Republic). This part begins with a summary chapter that details the main findings, lessons and draws comparisons between the country case studies. It is then followed by the original country case studies, which explain in detail their trade negotiation structure and their perceptions of the EPA process. The final section is an analysis of the different elements that are central to the evaluation of the EPAs as instruments for development. It is based on the discussion of the different provisions of the agreements, using the CARIFORUM-EPA as template, and the main potential constraints in order to translate these provisions into a positive development outcome.


Anon. EPA Review Annex Documents. Institute of Development Studies (IDS) / Centre for the Analysis of Regional Integration at Sussex (CARIS), University of Sussex, Brighton, UK (2010) 262 pp.

EPA Review Annex Documents

Published 1 January 2010