Environmental monitoring options.


Environmental monitoring is an essential tool in development management planning. It is the collection of information relating to selected indicators of the condition (quality) of the environment. For monitoring to be effective, a monitoring plan needs to be developed. This should contain the goals and objectives of the monitoring programme, the procedures for carrying out the monitoring, data collection, data analysis and the programme evaluation. Scientifically reliable assessment techniques, quality controls and valid sampling protocols to ensure that results are repeatable, consistent and compatible with other data collection efforts are essential. Monitoring is discussed in the context of agrochemical pollution in water in the Caribbean.


Esteban, N., Mees, C. and Seddon-Brown, S. (2003) Environmental monitoring options. Project report No 8 for Project R7668. London: MRAG Ltd. 25 pp.

Environmental monitoring options.

Published 1 January 2003