Environmental injustice, law and accountability


The first part of the chapter explores the historical, political and conceptual contexts that have shaped the development of the environmental justice movement in the US in order to better understand the origin and evolution of particular rights-based claims and their relation to broader accountability struggles. In the second part, we construct a framework for understanding the factors that facilitate or inhibit the success of community-based organising for corporate accountability, based on the experience of the environmental justice movement. In the concluding part of the chapter, we discuss how accountability struggles in the US share similarities with, and offer insights for, poorer groups engaged in similar struggles in other parts of the world.

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Lekhi, R.; Newell, P. Environmental injustice, law and accountability. In: Rights, Resources and the Politics of Accountability.. Zed Books, London, (2005) ISBN 9781842775547

Published 1 January 2005